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WOSK, from the bumpkin side of far west London, been painting wosk for just over a year now due to failure to remember what i was writing before. I’ve written this one down now so shouldn’t forget. Look out for me!

Instagram – ( @tyskie_and_bongs )

ONE TAKE UK – Who / What inspires you?
WOSK – Mostly anyone really. Find my self always wanting to try new colour schemes, places and techniques i see other writers, artists and photographers have gone and done.

ONE TAKE UK – How often do you draw and paint?
WOSK – I dont draw or sketch to much as i would rather be painting so i do that as much as i can.

ONE TAKE UK – How important has tagging and sketching been to your artistic process?
WOSK – Both very important. Tagging and sketchings where I started in graff and developed to were i am now. Big up tagging and sketching!

ONE TAKE UK – Who are your top 3 artists atm?
WOSK – CHAS(Loveletters), RASK(HBR-ILC) and ZETA(Zzeettaa)

ONE TAKE UK – Do you come to a wall with a sketch or do you freestyle?
WOSK – 99% of the time its a free style but i will have an idea of what i wanna do new.

ONE TAKE UK – How would you describe your process?
WOSK – usually fast and stressfull

ONE TAKE UK – Does your finished article end up as you envisaged or do you let your creative process take over?
WOSK – I have come to terms with the fact nothing in my head will be the same in real life haha

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best way to layer your piece/mural?
WOSK – Wall, paint, paint then more paint, take a picture, urinate on it, go home.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you come up with your colour schemes?
WOSK – I take colour schemes from everything, from other writers to nature, usually i gotta see what paint i got left tho

ONE TAKE UK – How do you know your work is finished or how do you avoid over doing it?
WOSK – I dont. I usually find ive missed something after ive left. I would probably over do most of my work but i dont always have the paint or the time.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you time manage you piece/mural, do you take intervals?
WOSK – All depends on how much time i got to finish. im known to stop for spliff or six.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you come up with the style you have now?
WOSK – I think most of my style has come from the guys ive painted with from the beginning in the scene i didnt want to paint the same style so i forced my self to develop my own. I often try to draw new styles or other writers styles. this definitely helps develop my own.

ONE TAKE UK – Where did your name come from?
WOSK – Came from a few failed names that i grew out of until i sketched wosk and its stuck in my head, I found them to be a fun set of letters to paint.

ONE TAKE UK – How long does a piece normally take you to complete?
WOSK – Painting is alot like making love to a woman. Ive finished in 3min and also taken 2 days. Depends how hot it is.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you get into Graffiti/Street Art?
WOSK – Thought i would join in when my mate MORE(Thegoonsquad) went to go buy some paint. Made a horrible mess in an abandoned pig sty. Then i met MEK(FNR) and a few other writers who brought me out with them. Loved it ever since.

ONE TAKE UK – Is typography important when developing your letters?
WOSK – It hasnt been for me but im starting to look at it more and will try to incorperate it as it is a fundermental part of letters in general.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you develop your style and not become stagnant?
WOSK – Try new things and go at it as much as i can. Practise makes perfect

ONE TAKE UK – What have been your favourite pieces you’ve done?
WOSK – My favourite piece is always the last few ive done as i make sure to make it better then the last.

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you see your art in the future?
WOSK – Out there.

ONE TAKE UK – What caps do you use and why?
WOSK – Bannanas, fats and soft caps mostly because ive learnt how to use them from day. but im starting to use a few others for different things as im not always using the same brand of paint. Too many brands too many caps to learn whats best for what.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you develop the can control you have now?
WOSK – Painting quick in the dark. i throw my self in the deep end before i can swim haha

ONE TAKE UK – How many cans do you go through on an average piece?
WOSK – Way to many to carry but i do anyway. I always got extras i might wanna throw in there even if there scraps. Depends what i got in the bag tho.

ONE TAKE UK – What type of paint do you like using best and why?
WOSK – Spray paint. Its the best type to do the work i do. Not much brand choice out here so i get wat i can get really.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your likes and dislikes about Graffiti/Street Art?
WOSK – No dislikes at all i love every aspect of both graffiti and streetart.

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you draw the line between biting and inspiration?
WOSK – When it doesnt look like you have done it then whats the point. im all for biting people effects or schemes. Letters and style have to be your own. always bring something to the wall thats original. I never used to look at other writers that had similar letters when i started so i was never tempted to copy there letters. My W came from looking at U’s, E’s and V’s.

ONE TAKE UK – What can you share to inspire up and coming artists?
WOSK – Get out there and paint. If there is something stopping you, then this games not for you.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts about UK Graffiti/Street Art compared to other countries?
WOSK – Slacking hard compared to most other countries in quantity but in terms of style we are definitely rocking are own.

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
WOSK – “fuck it. what else you gunna do”. “Get down”. “Shhh”. and “Run” oh and “Theres a hole in the floor”

ONE TAKE UK – What motivates you to be committed to the scene/culture?
WOSK – Im too deep in it now just to stop. My friends show me much love so that always helps my motivation.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts on illegal vs legal Graffiti/Street Art?
WOSK – Illegal is where it started for me and most and will always be a big part of my life but legal does give you the opportunity to spend a bit more time on your style and skills as well as make a few bucks. if you just want to paint legal then thats cool but you gotta have respect for the illegal side too.

ONE TAKE UK – Is travelling, seeing other work important to evolving your style?
WOSK – 100% not everything is on instagram you gotta get out there to see it. Not only that, meeting new people and painting with them all helps to evolve your style and you as a writer.

ONE TAKE UK – Is an online presence important in getting your work seen?
WOSK – If you want your work seen by everyone then yer it helps alot as most people dont leave there home towns anymore. For me tho i find the people that really care about the scene will find your work regardless of an online presence so long as you put the effort in outside of the internet.

ONE TAKE UK – Do you believe making money from your work a cop out/sell out?
WOSK – Not really, you making money from what you love to do is most peoples life goal. Someone liking your picture on insta is one thing but when someone is willing to pay good money for your work. That’s something else.