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Upset for the coast where the beaches twinkle from needles and gypsies steal your shit. Been writing for a year and 6 months due to not keeping my photos you have a load of low resolution photos of my work to look at….you’re welcome!

Instagram – ( @ upset_slc )

You Tube Channel- ( upset_slc )

ONE TAKE UK – Who / What inspires you?
UPSET – You know what there are so many to name but one of the main artists is nates fh the man has styles for miles but krudey nemone gincs everyone I painted with in the beginning and people I continue to paint with kost one and lase, you guys keep me pushing myself.

ONE TAKE UK – How often do you draw and paint?
UPSET – I sketch EVERY DAY! maybe for like 2 hours a time I wish I painted as often but maybe 3 4 times a month if I’m lucky.

ONE TAKE UK – How important has tagging and sketching been to your artistic process?
UPSET – Both very important. Sketching has been the main source of my development if I never sketched as often as I do I don’t think I’d be where I currently am.

ONE TAKE UK – Who are your top 3 artists atm?
UPSET – Rasko, nates, and fivoe

ONE TAKE UK – Do you come to a wall with a sketch or do you freestyle?
UPSET – I rock up with a sketch EVERY time n leave with a semi… style.

ONE TAKE UK – How would you describe your process?
UPSET – chaotic….and hopeful

ONE TAKE UK – Does your finished article end up as you envisaged, or do you let your creative process take over?
UPSET – I mean I wish it did….but alot of the time it ends up semi what I wanted it to be i think I learnt along the way the wall will never be an exact copy of the sketch.

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best way to layer your piece/mural?
UPSET – With paint….then a little more paint to cover all the mistakes.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you come up with your colour schemes?
UPSET – I steal em semi colour match them but add whatever at the time catches my eye 99%of the time it’s ends up as an original loosely based off someone else’s.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you know your work is finished or how do you avoid over doing it?
UPSET – That’s simple I don’t honestly, I probably over do most of them or under do them I’m a complicated guy

ONE TAKE UK – How do you time manage you piece/mural, do you take intervals?
UPSET – Rock up at 7am be done by 1 that’s always my goal so I can get back to see the kid she’s number 1

ONE TAKE UK – How did you come up with the style you have now?
UPSET – Errrrr…..when I first came to London I wanted a mad London style to fit in n have a name for my style now I sort of out grew that n just whatever comes to me a lot of what I draw or paint comes from my personality like Dave…born from a trip to Tonbridge.

ONE TAKE UK – Where did your name come from?
UPSET – That story is too deep to tell..

ONE TAKE UK – How long does a piece normally take you to complete?
UPSET – Anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depends how deep I fall into it.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you get into Graffiti/Street Art?
UPSET – Ummm as a therapy I think went through a pretty tough time n graff was something that I saw and wanted to do the rebel art for people outside society.

ONE TAKE UK – Is typography important when developing your letters?
UPSET – I’m going to say yes…I focus more on my letter than my colours fuck knows why.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you develop your style and not become stagnant?
UPSET – I’m currently stagnant we all get stagnant bit normally I dare the same thing over and over it improves and develops on its own then a get bored and move on to something different.

ONE TAKE UK – What have been your favourite pieces you’ve done?
UPSET – I loved my straight letter pieces when I was first developing they were a turning point for me.

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you see your art in the future?
UPSET – Hopefully being better that’s all I want it to create shit people like and accept.

ONE TAKE UK – What caps do you use and why?
UPSET – Universals skinnies and ASTROS!

ONE TAKE UK – How did you develop the can control you have now?
UPSET – With making lots and lots of drips so many drips they still haunt my dreams.

ONE TAKE UK – How many cans do you go through on an average piece?
UPSET – I always think 20 but actually about 9.

ONE TAKE UK – What type of paint do you like using best and why?
UPSET – Sorry One Take but NBQ’s my number 1 choice and nitro 2gs I LOVE 2GS!.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your likes and dislikes about Graffiti/Street Art?
UPSET – ALL THE HATE AND NEGATIVITY! Just no need you know we’re all on this for the same thing give or take just get on guys help each other to develop!

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you draw the line between biting and inspiration?
UPSET – Don’t take a man’s style he/she worked hard for that be original but by all means take and twist things like bends and connections.

ONE TAKE UK – What can you share to inspire up and coming artists?
UPSET – Ask for help and be committed if your stuffs shit or you hate it use that to move forward and be better…that’s what I do.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts about UK Graffiti/Street Art compared to other countries?
UPSET – Its gritty and I love it. One of the best scenes!

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
UPSET – Use your can as a measure for the width of your bars thanks nemone also do you don’t worry about what others are doing just be real.

ONE TAKE UK – What motivates you to be committed to the scene/culture?
UPSET – Making the next pretty picture better than the last!

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts on illegal vs legal Graffiti/Street Art?
UPSET – You know what does it even matter? If you wanna bomb the shit out of stuff sweet do it if you wanna paint for fun sweet do it!

ONE TAKE UK – Is travelling, seeing other work important to evolving your style?
UPSET – One word Instagram…..i live on Instagram…..

ONE TAKE UK – Is an online presence important in getting your work seen?
UPSET – It has the up most importance! I’m an addict…yup!

ONE TAKE UK – Do you believe making money from your work a cop out/sell out?
UPSET – Nope if you got the skills to pay the bills then your entitled to do whatever the fuck you want and get rich doing it!