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Pad’s artistic side comes out usually by the way of scaffolding. He uses concept and a few different styles of graffiti to create works. He was part of a 1990’s raving crew that established illegal raves and parties throughout London and the South-east.

Instagram – ( @pad303 )

ONE TAKE UK – Who / What inspires you?
PAD – My kids always give me the inspiration I will ever need. I am lucky to have them both, Kieran and Jess. When they do drawings I make sure I keep them and I have even replicated a few of them on walls for the kids to see. I have took Kieran to paint a few times, hes 11 now and loves it.

ONE TAKE UK – How often do you draw and paint?
PAD – I sketch with pencil and paper only when I have an idea, so every other week probably. I find it very sporadic and I have never been able to control it. I guess that it makes sense with my lifestyle somehow, so when I hear of people sketching daily, I kind of think, blimey they must have some ideas!… I have tried to be regimented and start drawing, but I find myself doodling and generally wasting time, until the idea or concept is developed.

ONE TAKE UK – How important has tagging and sketching been to your artistic process?
PAD – No tagging, No blagging!.. I never been a fan really. I understand that some peoples route to graffiti is by this means. It has its own scene/place and generally to do with damage… I saw many recently in Paris on the the abandon tracks, you get to see who has been there before you… Leave your tag there, if your in good company that is. I prefer to do a piece and then tag the piece.

ONE TAKE UK – Who are your top 3 artists atm?
PAD – Blimey that’s a tough one….Picasso, Michaelangelo and Turner.

ONE TAKE UK – Do you come to a wall with a sketch or do you freestyle?
PAD – I do both, If I am painting a photo realistic piece I come with a sketch, grid, photo, tape measure,.. tools etc. My ideas will be sketched out with dimensions etc.
I freestyle when I paint graffiti, I sometimes bring a sketch or an idea but its never usually set out enough to do a straight transfer to the wall.

ONE TAKE UK – How would you describe your process?
PAD – “Good vibes that comes from within.” I love graffiti, however I am not that keen on the clattering and banging noise from the tower in the back of my car when driving into London.

ONE TAKE UK – Does your finished article end up as you envisaged or do you let your creative process take over?
PAD – Unless its a picture/photo I am copying direct to the wall, the end product is always different and better to what I had wanted to achieve.

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best way to layer your piece/mural?
PAD – Just take your time, find your way, slow and steady wins the race. (Unless its night time.)

ONE TAKE UK – How do you come up with your colour schemes?
PAD – This just comes naturally with the idea if I am working alone. If I on a collaboration with someone else. All of the details are always sorted out in the pub. If not then a group on messenger is formed and the colour is created and suggested by all.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you time manage you piece/mural, do you take intervals?
PAD – Usually by the amount of daylight there is. I am there at dawn and finish at dusk if not before. I always bring food and drink to minimise down time… organisation is the key.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you come up with the style you have now?
PAD – I don’t really have a style, I prefer concept over style. I like to paint in a few styles of graffiti. I find doing 3D is the most difficult and therefore the one I do the most.

ONE TAKE UK – Where did your name come from?
PAD – My name is Paddy… So no crazy alias name for me… everyone called me PAD since I was a kid.

ONE TAKE UK – How long does a piece normally take you to complete?
PAD – If I am painting on the tower usually about a 7 days.( I like painting big stuff).. that 7 days could be stretched out over a few months though as I can only paint the weekends when I am don’t have any family commitments. If I am painting on the floor, then 1 day is sufficient for my needs usually.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you get into Graffiti/Street Art?
PAD – When I was at school a teacher passed around the book “Subway Art” to show the class different art forms. In fact there were books about painting/charcoals/drawing/sculputure/architecture/transportation/natural wonders…but was only interested in the graffiti. When I was 13 I did my first piece in the village I lived in at the sea wall…Then in my late teens and early twenties, my friends and I used to brake into a few abandon warehouses, graffiti them up, hire a sound system, generators and lights.. and charged a few quid to get in. Great days . I painted with my pal ED his characters were the best ever. ED just sketches these days and is still a wicked DJ. I carried on painting illegally until I was about 24.

ONE TAKE UK – Is typography important when developing your letters?
PAD – No, not at all.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you develop your style and not become stagnant?
PAD – Concept over style.

ONE TAKE UK – What have been your favourite pieces you’ve done?
PAD – My collaborations in New York with JXC are high on my list as favourites. We painted at the Blaze in Hackensack and in the Bronx on the TATS CRU train. Its a bit like pilgrimage going over there. Certainly a journey every spraycan head should have.

ONE TAKE UK – What caps do you use and why?
PAD – Yellow banana and any fat cap….I have just discovered the Krewline skinny cap where the line comes out about 3mm thick… love ’em.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you develop the can control you have now?
PAD – Practice and looking at what other people do.

ONE TAKE UK – How many cans do you go through on an average piece?
PAD – Anything from 7 – 45

ONE TAKE UK – What type of paint do you like using best and why?
PAD – MTN 94 have the best slow pressure and colour scheme for me… and transparents. I am also a fan of yard master… only for its pastel colour range… reminds me of being a kid for some reason.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your likes and dislikes about Graffiti/Street Art?
PAD – I love the messages from complete strangers I have received, and have met a few people and now know their stories. It has also given me a chance to make a difference to a few people. ( not in an artistic way)

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you draw the line between biting and inspiration?
PAD – Inspiration to me is an idea you wish to convey. Biting is stealing someone elses inspiration and ideas. There is no line between them, They are both very different things.

ONE TAKE UK – What can you share to inspire up and coming artists?
PAD – Look at the world around you, enjoy it, love it and capture what you can of it.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts about UK Graffiti/Street Art compared to other countries?
PAD – England ranks highly on all of the the other countries list. Europe is a strong place.

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
1.Don’t shit on your own doorstep.
2.Trust your gut

ONE TAKE UK – What motivates you to be committed to the scene/culture?
PAD – I like the charity events I am involved in “Do 1 Cancer” as I assist every year. I also love a road trip painting in other countries with many planned for this year. I find myself being addicted to Instagram.. who isnt?

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts on illegal vs legal Graffiti/Street Art?
PAD – Love em both…. My comment is, “prison should not be common place for an artist whose canvas was not made of canvas.”

ONE TAKE UK – Is travelling, seeing other work important to evolving your style?
PAD – Travelling to me is about having a right good laugh, getting drunk, messing about and painting in the best locations, throwing quality work in others backgardens and hanging out with the locals. Evolving is a natural process that can go unnoticed for quite a while.

ONE TAKE UK – Do you believe making money from your work a cop out/sell out?
PAD – Not a sell out or cop out at all. Its absolutely what you should be doing… follow your dreams if that’s your dream, make money from your art if you can. How great that would be?