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Beyond The Wall

A 10 minute Documentary on the world of Graffiti, featuring an interview with Billy, the owner of the most notorious Graffiti store VIP Graffiti Paint in London and, STAK, an up and coming artist looking to make it big in the Graffiti game.

Shot and Directed by: Elliot Russell & Louis Glenn

Sound Recording by: Elliot Russell & Louis Glenn

Editing and Sound Design by: Elliot Russell

Produced by: Connor Sadler

When beginning this project we wanted to delve into the world of Graffiti and try and learn more about the subject, why people do it, what they get out of it, and how it has progressed through the years. We belive this short insight into these artist’s world gives some indication of why they do it and why they’re driven to continue painting each week.

We very much enjoyed the filming process on this particular project as we got to explore London’s most famous Graffiti spots, and had the chance to meet Billy and film a very insightful 40 minute long interview with him.