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We asked a series of questions to a local artist about spray painting where you shouldn’t, and why he even bothers any more. Heres what he had to say…

Instagram – ( @itsonlyarthur )

ONE TAKE UK – Who / What inspires you?

AR – Writers such as Vizo and Pause (Rest in Peace) and artists like Stephen Bliss and Tristan Eaton are big inspirations to me, not to mention Keith Haring. Also, a very special mention goes out to Aset, he pushed the scene in so many ways, and for so many people. Rest in Peace Jan x

ONE TAKE UK – How often do you draw and paint?

AR – Every day, and its been that way since I was a kid.

ONE TAKE UK – How important has tagging and sketching been to your artistic process?

AR – We wouldn’t be here without it. Tagging and sketching is how you develop your style, and how you develop your identity.

ONE TAKE UK – Who are your top 3 artists atm?

AR – Man thats tough, In the UK it’s Steas, Mear and Crept. Worldwide its people like Sofles, Nychos and Tristan Eaton.

ONE TAKE UK – Do you come to a wall with a sketch or do you freestyle?

AR – Depends really. I really don’t come out with sketches too often.

ONE TAKE UK – How would you describe your process?

AR – Messy.

ONE TAKE UK – Does your finished article end up as you envisaged or do you let your creative process take over?

AR – The best stuff comes from mistakes in my opinion. So if you wanna let the creative process take over, don’t be afraid of trying something new. It might look dope.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you come up with your colour schemes?

AR – Trial and Error. Mainly Error. Then I started not giving a fuck. That seems to work.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you know your work is finished or how do you avoid over doing it?

AR – It’s finished when I can’t look at it any more. I have a really short attention span. Sorry, what was the question again?

ONE TAKE UK – How do you time manage your piece/mural, do you take intervals?

AR – Again, this seems like it is aimed at more organised artists. I just paint until I get bored and that’s it really.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you come up with the style you have now?

AR – Just sketching and painting loads from early.

ONE TAKE UK – Where did your name come from?

AR – My mum

ONE TAKE UK – How long does a piece normally take you to complete?

AR – Anywhere from 5 minutes if its a back jump. On a legal wall, a couple hours is plenty.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you get into Graffiti.

AR – Grundy was the spot. A old warehouse in West London. And riding the lines, they were a thing of beauty back then.

ONE TAKE UK – Is typography important when developing your letters?

AR – Blackbooks are how you should develop your letters. But books like style wars and websites like digital jungle are the graffiti bibles really.

ONE TAKE UK – How do you develop your style and not become stagnant?

AR – If someone ever said I was stagnant I’d just laugh at ’em. They’re still watching what you do innit. Just keep pushing your shit. Get out there and paint. Fuck what anybody else has to say.

ONE TAKE UK – What have been your favourite pieces you’ve done?

AR – A wall I did in Miami with Inkie, Tristan, and my boy Rich, that was a highlight, and the Big Kiss wall with Stephen Bliss…. Also a couple of underground things I can’t really mention on here. I painted a panel on a London Monorail that was parked up somewhere I shouldn’t have been a while back.. That was a touch.

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you see your art in the future?

AR – Honestly, I’d like the opportunity to teach and encourage a new generation of artists. Like what Aset was out in Nepal and India doing.. Each one teach one..

ONE TAKE UK – What caps do you use and why?

AR – Im not really into all these new style caps you can get nowadays. I miss the old grey bananas, but they’re extinct now. Otherwise Pink Dot’s and NY’s are all time favourites of mine.

ONE TAKE UK – How did you develop the can control you have now?

AR – Practice mate, you can still learn new techniques from next writers, but its each to their own really. There’s some absolute wizards out there though, like watching people like Zadok or Gent 48 paint…Its literally witchcraft.

ONE TAKE UK – How many cans do you go through on an average piece?

AR – Illegally, It all depends on how long you’ve got to paint. But I prefer painting large scale nowadays, either way, just make sure you’ve got enough. Running out of paint before you’ve finished is not the one.

ONE TAKE UK – What type of paint do you like using best and why?

AR – I use whatever I can get my hands on really, I’d be more than happy with a plastikote chrome and a waxoyl to be honest. Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice, which definitely keeps it fresh. I’ve got a bit of a thing for fluorescents ATM.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your likes and dislikes about Graffiti/Street Art?

AR – I have respect for a lot of street artists. But for me, graffiti will always prevail. I’d much rather see a windows down running than another fucking Alec Monopoly billboard. He’d probably have paid for it too.

ONE TAKE UK – Where do you draw the line between biting and inspiration?

AR – I’ve been inspired by nuff different writers over the years, and the schemes in my pieces are blatantly just ripped off from my olders, especially my GFS people but with a little twist of my own. Other writers like Devise VFL and Achy had a huge impact on me too.

ONE TAKE UK – What can you share to inspire up and coming artists?

AR – Learn you’re history first, then go out and have fun with it.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts about UK Graffiti/Street Art compared to other countries?

AR – Graffiti in the UK is pretty exciting at the moment, lots of trains taking a beating, people going All City again and again. Old writers coming out of the woodwork and showing the new lot how its done. Its much more exciting than a Street-Art tour round Shoreditch.

ONE TAKE UK – What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

AR – Do whatever the fuck you want, and do it for yourself.

ONE TAKE UK – What motivates you to be committed to the scene/culture?

AR – It’s a life long commitment, once a writer always a writer.

ONE TAKE UK – What are your thoughts on illegal vs legal Graffiti/Street Art?

AR – You can’t just do legals. Where’s the fun in that?

ONE TAKE UK – Is travelling, seeing other work important to evolving your style?

AR – I don’t travel as much as I would like too. But I do like seeing how other countries get smashed on insta.

ONE TAKE UK – Is an online presence important in getting your work seen?

AR – Not at all. Internet fame is kinda superficial. Just do it for you and if people like it then cool. If not then fuck em.

ONE TAKE UK – Do you believe making money from your work a cop out/sell out?

AR – It’s all about integrity. Just because you make a little money from graffiti doesn’t mean you’re automatically a sell out. But paint a mural for GlaxoSmithKline and I hope you burn in hell.